Welcome to Griffeen Valley Educate Together’s STEAM blog!

STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Maths. We love STEM at Griffeen Valley but we also love Art so we are sneaking in an A as well! (Anyway we hope to show lots of ways in which STEM and Art are very much connected.)

We are going to start this blog with photos of 5th and 6th Classes’ preparation for Science Day at our school next Thursday 16th of February.



13 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Interesting that you say that Juli. We have been looking at art by environmental artists Jeanne Claude and Christo who draw attention to things seen everyday in the world by wrapping them! A lot of science and maths involved too in figuring out what materials and what quantity materials to use. We responded by thinking of things we would like to wrap ourselves, like Croke Park, the Aviva, Aras an Uachtaran and teachers! We will post a few pics …


      1. I’m thinking polypropylene for the material and then Maybe to show I got the idea from you I will put a huge picture of your face on it


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