STep 2: technology

The following blog posts provide evidence of how the children used technology as part of their school work: Tech Week Scratch Programming Bee Bots Maths Challenge (online international Maths competition)

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Step 3: engineering

The following blog pages show examples of the children investigating engineering in class or in the local area: 4th Class Viking Boats and Viking Bread 4th Class STEM challenges Boats on the River Griffeen ( designing, building and testing) Design a bridge (building and testing)

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Step 4: Maths

The following blog posts show how the children used their Maths skills as part of their Science work: We love our big yellow decimal point! multiplying by 10 and 100 Human Notation Boards Na peatai is far liom Water: Living Things ( percentage water use in Irish households represented on pie charts)

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Step 5 show and tell

The following blog pages show evidence of how the children presented their science work to other classes in the school. Fair Trade 6th Class Water: environmental Awareness and Care Imagining Our Future (4th) WAter: Materials Water: Energy and Forces Water: Living Things Aqua Science Griffeen Valley Science Day 13th Feb 2018 Maths Week Space Week […]

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Tech week

Nicola has organized another great Tech Week for us this year! Here are 5th busy in Seomra Bianca doing some blogging and some Scratch programming. Back in class we read the code of each other’s projects and predicted what would happen once we ran the programs. Bee Bot workshops to follow!

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