Dreamspace virtual lake

How clever is this? Today, we welcomed the O’Donovan brothers to #OneMicrosoftPlace as we celebrate positive role models. Thanks to @gary_o_donovan & @PaulO_Donovan for sharing their incredible journey.#MicrosoftLifeIreland #PositiveRoleModels pic.twitter.com/U2tGNmznXX — Microsoft Ireland (@Microsoftirl) November 28, 2018

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makecode.microbit.org has lots of great ideas if anyone wants inspiration for tomorrow! Sixth Class got to try out Microbits at Dreamspace but now we have our very own set! Keep visiting to see what we get up to with these cute and powerful micro processors…  

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Mixed Reality

Amanda talked to us about global goals and got us to choose three to highlight in a video using conventional photography and 3D images. The results were outstanding!

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Programming Microbits

We learned how to write code for Microbits. Then we linked them to the laptops and managed to make them function as thermometers, LED displays and even musical instruments! The music was, eh, very modern. Good job we could also connect earphones, even though Siobhan didn’t believe we could (sorry Rachel!).

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