Winter Solstice And Newgrange

  Why days are shorter in Winter This video helps to explain why our days are so short now. The 21st of December is very special at Newgrange in Co. Meath. Newgrange is Ireland’s largest passage tomb. It is 90 metres in diameter and 10 metres high. The passage into the tomb is 19 metres […]

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Ballet and Maths

Ballerina's movements mesmerizingly traced by algorithmically-generated geometries – Credits: Massahiko Sato / Euphrates — Science (@scienmag) December 7, 2017

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Science Week Fun… 6th Class became a lab for the day and Ruth’s 2nd class came to visit our experiments.

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A4 paper challenge

Just how long can you stretch a piece of a4 paper? 6th class definitely rose to the challenge… the actual measurements went way past their estimations.  Lots of scientific skills used… like planning,  observing, analysing.

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